Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kings and Princess Ball

35th Birthday

I can't believe I turned 35 this year! Jason came home with a cake and flowers for me, and we all went out as a family to Red Robin where it was kids night. We even got our meal free because we had to wait for our server.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kansas City Stake Ball 2013

Jason and I had a blast getting dressed up and going to the KC Ball this year.  Lots of dancing and fun with friends.  (Well, I danced, Jason stood and swayed a little) ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pizza Night!

Due to popular demand, I have brought back homemade pizza night.  We got in the bad habit of ordering out for pizza when we want it, and it just isn't the same!  Not to mention completely full of crap.  I have proudly gotten my pizza making skills down pretty good!  Guess which one is mine??  ;)

First Pinewood Derby

This year is Jonathan's first year in cub scouts.  He got in just in time to do his first pinewood derby car.  He and Jason have worked hard on his batmobile! 

I got called into cub scouts right before he started, and it has truly been a blessing.  I knew nothing about the program, and now I know more than I ever wanted to!  It has been nice being in there with him, and I am glad I can be a part of that.  I even get the wear the uber-stylish scout shirts.  Maybe I will post some pics of the derby and all can enjoy that beauty.  (I said maybe! :))

Evelynne's 3rd Birthday

Evelynne was so excited for her 3rd Birthday.  First to start out the day, we made her cake.  Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Cake.  A family favorite.  She got to help and of course lick the spoon.

Next we got all dressed up and went out for a mommy-daughter lunch at Chick-fil-A.  Yum!  She wanted to go play on the little play area and we did and she saw that there were about 10 little boys in this little playplace (a teeny-tiny playground; its a little ridiculous) and said, "no, there are too many boys!"  We hung out a while and the boys eventually went home and she had it all to herself.  She still wouldn't go up the playground; "I scared!"  We will get there someday!

Here is her Dora cake, as requested. 

That night we had tacos for dinner, then began to wait until her party that was supposed to start at 7.  Well, this girl must have had quite a day, because we had temper tantrums from dinner until 6:30.  I decided to break out the light up balloons early to see if that would help her mood; but alas, she was horrified that her brother and sisters also got to play with the balloons and went around freaking out that they were touching her balloons.  I called her friend that was supposed to come over and I said we are going to let this stinky girl open her presents now and put her to bed!  I knew it would only get worse if we tried to keep going.  (Anyone who knows Evy knows this is truth.)

We quickly let her open her presents and daddy brought in her cake for us to sing to her. 

She did get happy long enough to have a piece of cake.

So when her party was supposed to have started, Evy had all her presents on my bed, and was settled down for the night.  Happy Birthday my little stinky Evy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Jonathan started his first class at taekwondo tonight. I really liked the instructors; its a husband and wife who run it. He needs an outlet for his frustrations; being an only boy and his learning delays are hard for him at times.

He's really excited, and I think it will be great for him!